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You mentioned in your Email that you had a method of making a 10-20% solution of Germanium Sesquioxide. Could you provide this information?

I believe that Germanium Sesquioxide in solution is much more bioavailable than the solid form. This especially holds true for material absorbed through the oral mucosa. I would categorize the solubility of Germanium Sesquioxide as moderate. Since a saturated solution has a pH of around 2.5, the solubility can be greatly enhanced by adjusting the pH. One effective way to accomplish this is through the formation of the sodium salt.

Formula for a 10% Germanium Sesquioxide Sodium Salt Solution
100 grams Germanium Sesquioxide (Designed Nutritional)
19 grams NaOH beads (plus a few grams more for fine adjustment of pH)
1 Liter of distilled water (start with 500 ml and dilute to 1 liter)
1 cup of Splenda sweetener (optional)

I use pharmaceutical grade sodium hydroxide pellets to adjust the pH to 7.0 – 7.5. Mix the Germanium Sesquioxide into a portion of distilled water roughly half the volume of the final desired dilution. Add the sodium hydroxide with stirring (this generates some heat). Once the sodium hydroxide is in solution, the Germanium Sesquioxide will dissolve. This can be expedited by heating to near boiling and stirring vigorously. Full solubility is usually achieved within fifteen minutes.

The pH is fine tuned by adding small portions of sodium hydroxide and monitoring the change with litmus paper. Be careful! The pH goes up fast after 6.0 and it’s easy to over shoot. On occasion, I have needed to adjust the pH back down with some white distilled vinegar but this tends to contribute to the unpleasant taste of the final solution. Add any flavoring or sweetening before diluting with distilled water to the final volume. Typically I pass the solution through a filter to remove extraneous material (floaters) primarily introduced by the Splenda.

This solution tastes salty and metallic. I am accustomed to the taste and can handle even a 20% solution, though most people prefer a 10% solution with some sweetener. 1 cup of Splenda low cal sweetener does nicely for one liter of 10% solution.

If done properly, this solution will provide 1 gram of Germanium Sesquioxide per 10 ml of liquid. Holding the solution in the mouth for a few minutes prior to swallowing will enhance delivery.

Proper Storage

Another item worthy of mention is proper storage of this solution.  At neutral pH and room temperature in the presence of light, things will grow over time.  This is especially true for large quantities of solution opened frequently thereby being repeatedly exposed to airborne spores and microbes.  Early evidence of this is a cloudy haze that looks like floaters absent a few days earlier.  Most of the time this is relatively harmless but it can add unpleasant “off tastes”.  To avoid this problem, I refrigerate my solution which keeps it fresh for months on end.  I have toyed with the idea of putting something in it to prevent growth (i.e. trace hydrogen peroxide, colloidal silver, etc.) but as of yet have not actively pursued this.

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