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I recently read that consumption of Indole-3-Carbinol (I3C) actually promotes the undesirable 4OH estrogen in rats. Isn’t this cause for alarm?

It is commonly recognized among scientists that Rats do not metabolize estrogen in quite the same manner as humans. This is particularly true in the case of 4OH estrogen. The first successful studies conducted with Cervical Dysplasia and dietary indoles used I3C and not DIM. The whole reason DIM is now being considered in this application is because of prior success with I3C. This study demonstrated a complete remission of both type II and type III cervical dysplasia in 50% of a population within 12 weeks of 200-400mg daily administration of I3C. The remaining 50% showed marked improvement in their condition while those on placebo showed no improvement. Keep in mind that type III cervical dysplasia is just one step away from cervical cancer. Studies indicate that higher levels of 4OH estrogen actually promote cervical cancer. Therefore, if I3C supplementation at 400 mg promoted 4OH estrogen in humans, one would expect to see an increase in cancer incidence rather than a significant decrease in a precancerous condition.

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