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How safe is SoLite?

Long term toxicity of a product can be affected by numerous variables and is often tedious and costly to assess. However, there are immediate things that can be measured to establish a certain level of comfort.

LD50 is the amount of any given material required to kill 50% of a given population. LD50 data is typically stated in a dosage amount for every kg of body weight of a test subject. Hence, materials with a higher level of toxicity require a lower dosage to induce 50% mortality. (This is almost always conducted with animals for lack of human volunteers)

LD50 for SoLite
• LD50 Rat, acute, oral > 5,000 mg /kg
• No Mortality occurred during 14 day study
• No significant gross internal findings in body cavities (cranial, thoracic, abdominal, pelvic) at fourteen days.
• Body weight was not adversely affected

Other effects were noted up to four days following exposure.
• Slight fecal/urine staining
• Soft stools
• Congested breathing
• Unkempt appearance

Study performed by Springborn Laboratories, Inc. Spencerville, Ohio

Let’s consider this data in its proper perspective. An acute dosage of SoLite nearly 100 times higher than the reported effective dose can legitimately be considered safer than calcium carbonate, 67% safer than table salt, 92% safer than potassium chloride, and over 1000% times safer than chromium picolinate.

Human blood tests (Chem 22 LDL) following 2 weeks administration at 60mg/kg daily revealed no abnormalities with 22 parameters indicative of the heart, lungs, liver, kidney, adrenal glands, thyroid, nervous system, bones, cellular damage, and overall health and wellness.

A monitor of blood pressure and heart rate over time showed no spike in any of these parameters. However, the observation was made that more work needs to be done in this area to map the natural variation of these parameters throughout the day. This will enable us to detect more subtle changes that might well go unnoticed. So far there has been only one anecdotal report of gradual increase in blood pressure over a period of months.

A handful of people reported no adverse effects after 18 months administration at 60mg/kg daily.

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