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Are there any reported side effects associated with SoLite?

Reported side effects are few and relatively mild in nature. 70% of people who supplement with SoLite report positive benefits with mood, energy, and /or motivation.

One woman with severe food allergies reported good results for mood and energy but developed a rash in and around her mouth and a burning itching sensation on the soles of her feet. She acknowledged being allergic to certain foods relating to SoLite ingredients. The effects of these food allergies subsided upon product termination.

One man reported minimal effects, though his spouse thought the positive change in him quite significant. After a period of months, he felt that SoLite might interfere with his blood pressure medication.

A handful of individuals reported almond flavored burps and mild stomach upset when SoLite was taken without food. Most, however, reported no such effects.

SoLite is not recommended for people with 1 Thyroid conditions

Two women reported extreme depression while taking SoLite. Both reported having pre-existing 1thyroid related conditions though it is unclear how this fact may be a contributing factor. Both reported a lift in mood upon product termination. One accelerated this with a single dose of 5-HTP suggesting a possible link with serotonin pathways.

A man reported that he and two other men also experienced increased depression while taking SoLite. He described the onset as rapid (within 24 hours) and intense. This subsided within one day of product cessation. Two of the three men have clinically confirmed hypothyroidism. The third has never been tested. We’re not sure why, but *hypothyroidism is a common denominator whenever this undesirable result is reported.

*Since we have started screening people for thyroid conditions, these results have never been repeated.

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