Dietary Benefit
Glycogen has been used for over a decade in the sports arena as an energy source especially with marathon runners and bikers. Studies indicate that Glycogen taken before exercise will be available for energy before the body's natural glycogen stores are utilized. Studies indicate adequate levels of muscle glycogen help prevent catabolic wasting. 9-15% naturally occurring ß-Glucans assist with cellular support and proper immune function.

Product Overview
Glycogen is the reserve energy store of many organisms. Commonly referred to as animal starch, it is found predominately in the liver and resting muscle tissue of mammals. Glycogen is also found in insects, mollusks, fungi, and lower plant forms. Glycogen is considered an efficient form of energy storage and is broken down to glucose by the body to perform work. Animal based glycogen is also used in cosmetics.

Provide your customers with the benefits of Glycogen supplementation without the unpleasant smell and taste associated with animal or oyster derived products. No unpleasant smell means broader applications to meet the needs of your customers. Designed Nutritional Products offers the only plant based Glycogen available on the market.

Glycogen is light and temperature stable. No degradation has been reported under normal storage conditions.

Alternate Names
Poly-D-glucopyranose, liver starch, animal starch


Plant derived carbohydrate CAS Registry Number [9005-79-2]

Regulatory Status
Glycogen is a dietary supplement under
provisions of US Dietary Supplement Health
and Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA).

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