Warranty and Certificate of Organic Germanium Made in USA

From the mid to late 1980s, contaminated Germanium Sesquioxide imported from Asia reportedly caused numerous cases of renal failure and even some deaths. This was driven mainly by sloppy process controls, the actions of unscrupulous profiteers, and ignorance on the part of consumers and scientists alike. Different sources of germanium often failed to correctly distinguish between safe organic forms and inorganic forms reported to cause the problem.

Large quantities of Bis (2-carboxyethylgermanium sesquioxide), more commonly known as Germanium Sesquioxide, have been manufactured in Utah since 1987. Why is this so important to the nutritional industry? An established domestic source offers several advantages to the consumer.


Designed Nutritional’s Germanium Sesquioxide is manufactured under well established process controls to strict product specifications. In addition to raw material qualification and in-process testing, each completed batch of material is subjected to nine distinct analytical tests to positively establish the identity, consistency, and purity. Such rigorous controls are time consuming and costly, but have paid huge dividends by way of a perfect safety track record for over fifteen years.


How do we effectively compete with U.S. manufactured Germanium Sesquioxide that meets or exceeds the quality of anything else out there? Over the years, a dedicated team of PHD chemists, Engineers, scientists, and skilled technicians have optimized the manufacturing process owned by Designed Nutritional Products. This enables us to capitalize on technology and economies of scale without compromising quality. This level of expertise also enables us to provide uncommon technical support.


Designed Nutritional provides a comprehensive certificate of analysis with every shipment of Germanium Sesquioxide and is able to supply all testing methods upon request. Additionally, years of hands on experience, expertise, research library, and CD seminar all combine to provide a level of technical support not easily surpassed.


Import restrictions prevent Germanium Sesquioxide from legally entering the country but not from being sold. The FDA issued an import alert against Germanium products in 1988 and again in 1995. This import alert is still in force today. This is primarily the result of the deleterious effects caused by contaminated material being imported from Asia.

In spite of this action, material continues to slip across the border. This means that either the FDA action is not being enforced, or unscrupulous profiteers are engaged in gross negligence or fraud in order to sneak it through customs. Designed Nutritional’s domestic product is the best way to insure a legal supply.


The individual making this allegation is trying to compete in the U.S. market with Germanium Sesquioxide he imports from Japan, in spite of import restrictions that prevent him from legally doing so. Ask Mr. Loren how he justifies this.

The claim that no domestic supply for Germanium Sesquioxide exists is utter nonsense driven either by extreme naiveté or malicious jealousy. Designed Nutritional’s technology has been used in Utah since 1987 to manufacture large quantities of Germanium Sesquioxide each year. Designed Nutritional is the only domestic source that we’re aware of.

Designed Nutritional stands behind its “Made in the USA claim for Germanium Sesquioxide and will back any customer wishing to benefit from the quality and value this claim carries.