Case 1: Female age 70. SoLite. vs. caffeine for energy.

I‘ve been taking SoLite since the first test batch was made. I began taking two capsules with breakfast and two with lunch. Within a day, I began to have a feeling of well-being and more energy than I’ve had in years. My attitude towards coworkers has improved. I contribute it to the natural formula of SoLite.

For years I’ve taken 1/2 – 1 caffeine tablet each morning when arising to begin functioning for the day. If I didn’t take it or ran out, I immediately bought more. I couldn’t be without it. I had Caffeine in my purse, in the kitchen cabinet, and at work in a desk drawer. Several times in the last 30 years, I’d try to do without caffeine, but I always went back to it for the false energy it gave me. It was like a sugar rush; when the caffeine wore off, my energy level sank to rock-bottom. If I felt an energy drain after lunch, (and I usually did), I would again take at least a half tablet to perk me up to get through the afternoon. My children were always telling me how bad caffeine was for me, but I felt I had to do something! No one seemed to understand.

I took vitamins and minerals; I’ve always tried to eat a healthy diet. Nothing worked. No doctor prescribed anything to give me energy I desperately needed. My eyelids felt heavy as though filled with sand all day long unless I took a caffeine pill.

I now take two (or three) SoLite tablets in the morning with breakfast, and the same amount around lunch. I sometimes take SoLite around 5:30 pm if I feel a little tired, but it doesn’t bother my bed time around 10:30 or 11:00 pm. I don’t worry about taking this product because it’s made with natural ingredients formulated to work together. I feel great without taking caffeine anymore. My thoughts seem more clear. I can think so much better. I feel calm and alert. Negative mood swings are also a thing of the past. I no longer feel as though I have no energy! I get tired, yes, but in a normal, natural way. My sleep patterns are much improved. I hope I’ll never be without this amazing product ever again.

J. Clark

Case 2: Husband and wife in early 40s and 13 year old daughter.

In our family there are three people who are (or were) on SoLite:
Subject One is a 13 year-old female suffering from anxiety. SoLite relaxed her such that she could control her anxious tendencies. Although she still has episodes, they are fewer in number, thanks to her taking SoLite. Her dosage is 6 capsules a day.

Subject Two is a 40 year-old male. He suffers from stress-related mood swings. SoLite has made his outlook on life a little lighter, which makes him more pleasant to be around. He, however, does not take SoLite regularly. If he does take it, he takes 9 capsules a day.

Subject Three is a 43 year-old female. She also suffers from stress-related mood swings.  SoLite has boosted her energy level and her ability to cope with stress around her in a phenomenal way. It was as if the fog in her brain was lifted and she could see the problems for what they were, and thus attack them to remedy the situations.  She is taking 9 capsules a day.  Subject three is me, and I can’t adequately express just how much SoLite has helped me function well in this last year. I was able to accomplish things I had not dreamed of accomplishing previously.  SoLite lifts your mood while leaving control of your faculties to you.  I am happy to meet with anybody and discuss in detail how great it feels to have found a product such as SoLite.

E. Whitmer

Case 3: Husband and wife in late 30s report improved mood, focus, and coping while supplementing with SoLite. No reported interaction with blood pressure medication. Both have been taking product for two years.

When we, that is my husband and I, were first introduced to SoLite, we were in quite a desperate state of health. Having raised 8 children (most of them are now teenagers with their typical problems), I suffered from severe exhaustion. I wasn’t able anymore to settle down and spend some time for myself; my nerves were so stretched that I frequently burst into tears; I was short-tempered with my children; I had mostly withdrawn from our circle of friends. My husband, who is self-employed, had overspent his powers by working ‘way too much for several years with no vacation to speak of. He had developed high blood pressure, suffered circulatory disturbances and was sometimes depressed.

During a much-needed vacation in Utah, we were introduced to SoLite. We were told that SoLite is not a medication but might help us to relax and settled down in a natural way and overall improve our health situation.

After having inquired about SoLite’s ingredients and effect, I started to take 3 capsules 3 times a day. Within days I started to feel better. As long as I took SoLite as prescribed, I was much calmer and more able to concentrate. At the same time, I didn’t feel under sedation at all. There were no hints of any side effects noted by myself and the people around me.

Observing the soothing effects SoLite had on my personal situation, my husband asked to take SoLite himself. After some weeks of regular doses of SoLite, he began to recover from almost all the problems resulting from his being exposed to negative stress. His mood improved considerably, and he now feels much more apt to cope with the problems of his professional life.

SoLite in no way influences our reactions or diminishes our ability to make decisions. Even if taken over a prolonged period of time, it is not addictive. We felt neither desired nor undesired interactions with analgesic or hypertensive medications taken.

If needed, we both will gladly continue to take SoLite to supplement our nutrition.

S. Stahl

Case 4: Woman mid 30s reports feeling more settled after four days of taking SoLite.

I am uncertain if my particular case is going to be of any real use to your study but I am very grateful for the chance to try.

Toward the end of my run I did notice a change in my sleep pattern and an ability to sit on the couch and watch TV. I am not hyperactive by any mean but am driven by conditioning and guilt (more so the latter). There are so many outside factors involved that I think it would take a combination of several herbs to intervene. (An isolation tank sounds really good as well). I did enjoy the “settled” feeling I had acquired towards the end. I did not notice this until the last 4-5 days. Whether it was the fact that SoLite took that long to really kick in or I just did not slow down long enough to notice, I am not sure. Actually, I guess it took that long for the SoLite to get my attention. I also had some indigestion at the beginning and I got to where I wasn’t taking it before bed because the “kickstart” kicked in after about an hour and I would have to channel surf for a while. I think you are definitely going in the right direction.

M. Barnes

Case 5: Woman between 30 and 40 reports rapid results with mood taking SoLite 3 times daily

I have suffered from moderate depression. I felt better after 15 minutes on 1 capsule three times daily, but it didn’t last long. 3 capsules three times daily seems to be woking better. My mood is much improved.

L. Hutchinson

Case 6: Woman in 50s reports, less irritability, more energy, and greater calm.

Gives a calm feeling. Energy level higher. (dosage 2 in morning; 1 in afternoon). Less irritability with life. Able to stay up later without feeling tired the next morning

J. Marrot

Case 7: Man in 50s reports, more energy and smoking less.

More energy throughout day. Milder disposition. Smoke less.

T. Marrott